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ECII 550x840

The EC II-D - your digital favorite in the forest – now with distance calculation function!

Haglof Electronic Clinometer – EC II – is one of our most appreciated instruments, offering quick and reliable results for tree heights. The EC II is rugged, easy to use and consumes little battery. The advantage of having the measurement results presented to you, straight in the display, instead of reading off scales and having to make calculations by heart, has made the EC II one of our top selling instruments all over the world.

The height measurement function in the EC II is based on a high quality inclinometer. The results are very accurate, provided that the distance has been correctly measured and input in the instrument settings. The distance should also always be approximately as long as the object’s height.

The EC II instrument has now been equipped with a great new function – distance calculation. The calculation is based on trigonometry and a third sngle measurement on the object:

Measure and set a reference mark at 2m/6feet on the measurement object. Measure the angle to the base of the tree, followed by a measurement to the reference mark. The distance between you and the tree flashes briefly in the instrument display. Continue to measure the tree height. The total result is presented to you in the display!

This great function has also been incorporated in the EC II D-R instrument – height measuring with factor gauge and in-built functions to measure basal area and give a volume estimate.

See the short film clip of the EC II-D

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