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Archer Field PC®

Juniper Systems, producers of the Archer Field PC and other handheld field computers, have discontinued the Archer Field PC model (see image). Our service committment for the Archer Field PC continues and depending on future availability of vendor parts etc. Contact us for discussions on how we can help you with your updated field computer solution.

 The Archer 2™ offers every ounce of ruggedness and reliability as the original Archer model, plus several major improvements:

IllumiView™ display - unparalleled brightness and clarity, even in glaring sunlight

Overtime Technology™ battery - runs 20+ hours on one charge

New capacitive touchscreen - ultra scratch-resistant and highly responsive

Advanced GNSS receiver - enhanced GPS performance in challenging terrain

To place an Archer 2 order, please contact us online or via phone at +46 620 255 80.


Allegro DOS & CE/DOS Models - End of service committments

Due to the dwindling availability of parts and other factors, service of handhelds Allegro DOS & CE/DOS models is no longer possible after March 1, 2014.

Customers who have relied on these Allegro models are encouraged to take a close look at the Allegro MX.






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